Century Elite Technology Ltd.

Scope of Services

Hong Kong International Airport – CET’s Electrical Works Maintenance team

CET’s Electrical Works Maintenance team provides daily electrical and mechanical maintenance services for the Hong Kong International Airport with the aim to deliver the most memorable tourism experience to international tourists.

Low Voltage Switchboard Design and Installation

We design, procure, install, repair and maintain low-voltage switchboards and auxiliary facilities for our clients, including the CLP, HK Electric, Hong Kong International Airport and other institutions and organizations.

Renewable Energy Systems

In line with the Scheme of Control Agreements of the Hong Kong Government, the two power companies introduced the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme in year 2018-2019 to encourage citizens and enterprises to invest in renewable energy. Solar power owners can sell the electricity at the range of HK$3 to HK$5 per kWh, depending on the power generation capacity of the renewable energy system. CET provides one-stop solution for the participation in renewable energy schemes.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Apart from a full range of electric vehicle charging devices and CET quick charge technology, users can enjoy our Octopus license with exclusive support to tap and charge.

Transportation, Logistics and Inventory

With our own logistics fleet which travels through multiple restricted areas throughout Hong Kong, we provide clients with on-time and accurate services beyond geographical limitations, while ensuring the safety of the team and the secure transportation of materials.

Smart Grid Installation

We are experienced in providing one-stop partnership solutions for our major corporate partners. An example would be the successful launch of smart grid system in all eight Swire Properties malls.

Fire Services Installation

As a Registered Fire Service Installation Contractor (Class 1, 2 and 3), we undertake installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection works of fire services installations.

System Research and Development

Responsible for carrying out system integration, which refers to the integration of the communication and data transfer between modules and components to design suitable systems. The product is then connected to other data systems for data analysis, processing and application.