Century Elite Technology Ltd.

Company Profile

Century Elite Technology Ltd.

From 2002

Company Background

  • Electrical Contractor (Registration No.: 015557)
  • Class 1 Registered Fire Service Installation Contractor (Registration No.: RC 1/518)
  • Class 2 Registered Fire Service Installation Contractor (Registration No.: RC 2/691)
  • Class 3 Registered Fire Service Installation Contractor
  • Registered Minor Works Contractor (Class II and III)
  • Certified Energy Audit Professional
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Certified Carbon Audit Professional (CAP)
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Corporate Member of Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers (HKAEE)

Health and Safety

With special focus on work safety and health, our company strives to promote a safe work culture in the construction industry and create a healthy working environment.
It is our company policy that all employees and clients should be free from any potential hazards that may occur during construction activities. The management considers the provision of a safe environment to all employees and the daily safe operation as its primary responsibilities. As such, our company strictly follows all current regulations and takes various preventive measures to implement the requirements of the Safety & Health, Environmental & Quality Policy (SHEQ) enlisted in the service agreement.

Recognized Engineering Workers

CategoryNumber of Workers
Airport Restricted Area Permit54
Certified Personnel of CLP CP0730
Certified Personnel of CLP CP059
Certified Personnel of HK Electric CP0115
Registered Electrical Worker H02
Registered Electrical Worker C03
Registered Electrical Worker B04
Registered Electrical Worker A045
Registered Engineer (Electrical, Building Service)2
Registered Energy Auditor (REA)3
Registered Safety Auditor (RSA)1
Registered Safety Officer (RSO)2